Sports (Teaching degree)

Elementary school, middle school, secondary school, grammar school

“Get moving – for your future!”, “One spirit – one team”, “Just do it!”, “Sport does Germany good”.

These ideas are often associated with the subject of sport, yet there are more and more “gym bag forgetters”, “bench pressers” and “school sport refusers”. If you share your enthusiasm for movement, games and sports with young people and would like to pass on the unique experiences you have had while playing sports, if you would like to work with students beyond the classroom, then the profession of sports teacher is just right and certainly interesting for you!

What is the degree program about?

The following teaching degrees can be earned in the Sports teaching degree program at FAU: Teaching degree at elementary schools, middle schools, junior high schools and high schools. For the elementary and middle school types, Sports can be chosen as a didactic subject or as a teaching subject. Entry into the teaching profession for vocational schools is possible via certain external bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

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