Psychology (B.Sc.)

In this varied Bachelor’s degree program, you will research how people think, feel and act. You will learn how to apply psychological theories and methods to solve problems and understand behavior. These include topics such as personality development, cognition, decision-making and social interaction.

What is the degree program about?

In psychology, one observes, describes and explains the experience and behavior of people, their development over the course of life and all of the internal and external causes and conditions that are relevant to this. The Bachelor’s degree program is interdisciplinary – it contains parts from the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Psychology is an empirical science, i.e. information, data and experiences are systematically collected through scientific methods such as experiments, surveys or observations. Based on this data about experience and behavior, theories about the psychological structure and functioning are developed and tested. In order to be able to adequately analyze the collected data, it is essential to acquire a knowledge of statistics. But don’t worry: experience shows that even students who didn’t get along very well with mathematics at school can achieve good results in statistics exams thanks to good supervision during their studies. However, a willingness to learn and perform are essential prerequisites for this.


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