Protestant Religious Education

Protestant Religious Education (Teaching degree)

Elementary school, middle school, secondary school, grammar school

The teaching degree program in Protestant Religious Education is an exciting opportunity to engage intensively with the Christian faith, the Bible, and church history. As a future teacher, you will deal with fundamental questions of ethics and morality and learn how to integrate them into the classroom. In doing so, it is of great advantage to have a deeper understanding of faith issues yourself and to develop an open attitude towards other religions and worldviews. The goal of the program is to train you to be a competent, empathetic and reflective teacher who accompanies young people on their journey through life and provides them with values and orientation.

What is the degree program about?

If you want to become a teacher, you study Protestant theology/religious education either in combination with another subject (teaching degree for Gymnasium and Realschule) or as a single major subject (teaching degree for elementary and middle school). The study program is completed with a state examination.

When studying Protestant religion or theology, you do not just study a single subject. In theology, a whole range of subjects work together: first of all, this includes Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology (including religious education/subject didactics) and Religious Studies. In addition, theology in Erlangen offers other interesting subjects that are not available at every university: Christian Archaeology, History and Theology of the Christian East, Christian Journalism, and Church Music. It is the interaction of these different disciplines that makes the study of theology so interesting.

In principle, you must study theology in its entirety for all degrees. However, you have the opportunity to set different emphases in your studies, e.g. by working on current research projects, sponsored stays abroad, and much more. You also enjoy a great deal of freedom in organizing your studies.

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