Pharmacy (state examination)

Experience the path of science in the Pharmacy degree program: 8 semesters of hands-on lab experiments. Develop, manufacture, and assure the quality of medicines. Let your scientific ambition blossom and become part of a life-changing industry.

What is the degree program about?

Pharmacy is a natural science teaching and research subject and deals with the development, production and quality assurance of medicines, the preparation and storage of medicines as well as their effect and safe use. The first forms of pharmacy already existed at the dawn of mankind. This makes it one of the oldest sciences of all.

The study of pharmacy mainly prepares you for the profession of pharmacist. However, it is a broad scientific study, in which many aspects of chemistry and biology (with regard to drugs and humans) are also taught. To a lesser extent, physics and mathematics also play a role. If you like puffing and fizzing, you’re in good hands here. Even though theory takes up a large part of the course, the study program is very practical and many exciting hours in the laboratory await you.

After graduation, you will be able to produce, analyze and evaluate all kinds of drugs. You know how and why drugs reach their target in the human body and know the modes of action of tablets, ointments and others. A number of doors are open to you and you are spoilt for choice as to which direction you would like to take.

Pharmazie - Studentische Eindrücke

Pharmazie - Im Labor

Bewerbung für Medizin, Zahnmedizin, Pharmazie

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