Midwifery Science

Midwifery Science (B.Sc.)

Midwives are highly qualified healthcare professionals who care for pregnant women, women in labor and delivery, and newborns. As a midwife scientist, you will gain a sound knowledge for the professional care of pregnant women, women in labor and delivery, and newborns. The bachelor’s degree program in “Midwifery Science” is an interdisciplinary program that teaches the most important knowledge from the fields of medicine, natural sciences, psychology, ethics and social sciences. It is not only about learning practical skills, but also about the theory and background of the profession.

What is the degree program about?

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period are among the most intensive phases of a woman’s life. During this time, midwives (m/f/d) are at their and their families’ side from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding. As specialists, they provide complete and comprehensive medical and psychosocial support. As reliable alliance partners (m/f/d) of the woman, they support that the woman experiences pregnancy and birth strengthened and they promote the unity of mother and child. Research shows that good midwifery care can lead to fewer preterm births, fewer medical interventions during childbirth, shorter hospital stays, and longer and more frequent breastfeeding. Midwives support the natural progression of pregnancy and birth. A physician (m/f/d) is called in when something is no longer going according to the rules. Up to this point, the midwife (m/f/d) is trained to provide women with full medical care.

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