Geography: Cultural Geography

Geography: Cultural Geography (M.A.)

Study a research-focused, project-oriented and applied degree program In the Master’s degree program in Cultural Geography, we research today’s ways of life as determined by society, otherwise known as cultural geographies.

What is the degree program about?

In the Master’s degree program in Cultural Geography you will look at social, cultural, political and economic phenomena on different scales and in different regions of the world. In innovative modules you will develop your own projects in various areas of social, development or environmental research. The kinds of questions you might investigate include: In a globalized world, how are all-encompassing networks created and, at the same time, new identities and territories defined? What explanations are there for regional and social inequalities? How do social and ecological crises and conflicts arise? How is “nature” perceived and evaluated in different societies and how does this impact the use of resources and land? And how are ecological and social factors interconnected?

As the degree program covers a wide range of theory and methods you have the opportunity to choose your own specializations according to your personal interests. Alongside subject knowledge and methodology you will learn soft skills relevant for your future career, such as how to develop and implement projects independently. You will also gain experience in overseeing specialist discussions and planning, organizing and running conferences.

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