European Master in Lexicography

European Master in Lexicography (M.A.)

If you’re passionate about languages and the meaning of words, a Master’s degree program in lexicography (EMLex) may be for you. As a lexicographer, you will learn the art of defining words and explaining their meanings in a dictionary. You will also learn how to record linguistic systematic relationships and analyze linguistic phenomena. This Master’s degree program will provide you with a deep understanding of language and lexicography, making you a competent professional who can work in many language fields. If you want to know how to effectively teach the meaning of words, you should enroll in the Master’s degree program in lexicography.

What is the degree program about?

The European Master in Lexicography (ELMex) is a novel international course of study that provides international and interdisciplinary training to become a lexicographer. Students are taught lexicographic theories at a high international level. In addition to a strong reference to the practice of dictionary production, students from different European countries are brought together during their studies. After graduation, graduates will be employable in both publishing house lexicography and academic-scientific lexicography in all areas from the conception of printed and electronic dictionaries to concrete lexicographic work and the technical implementation of lexicographic products. In addition, they will be comprehensively trained in the analytical-theoretical field of modern lexicography in order to find a field of activity in academic research or in an advisory-conceptual capacity in the publishing and continuing education fields.

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