Computer Science

Computer Science (Teaching degree)

Teaching subject for Middle school, secondary school, grammar school

Are you enthusiastic about computer science and would like to pass on your knowledge and enthusiasm to the next generation? Then the computer science teaching degree program is just right for you. With this degree program, you have the opportunity to deepen your subject knowledge and at the same time acquire pedagogical skills to get students excited about the world of IT.

The computer science teaching degree offers you a unique opportunity to combine your interest in the digital world with a desire to help young people learn this important discipline. You will learn to explain complex computer science topics in a comprehensible way and help students develop their technical skills. In doing so, you will not only impart knowledge, but also the ability to analyze complex problems and find creative solutions.

What is the degree program about?

You like to work with young people and maybe you are even the leader of a youth group? You are not only interested in computer science and new media but also in another subject? You would like to pass on your knowledge and your enthusiasm for technology to other people? Then the teacher training program in computer science could be the right thing for you!

The computer science program at FAU first repeats and deepens the computer science lessons at the (Bavarian) Gymnasium. Building on this, procedures and strategies for structured problem solving “on a large scale” are then introduced at the university. We recommend our students with little programming knowledge to participate in our revision courses. For math, there is the possibility to refresh your knowledge before the semester starts.

The teacher training program in computer science teaches the essential basics of computer science as well as the subject didactics of computer science. As a rule, a combination of two equally important subjects and educational sciences is studied for the teacher training program. Computer science can be combined with mathematics, physics, English or economics when studying for the teaching profession at Gymnasiums and Realschulen and with the didactics of a subject group when studying for Hauptschulen. When studying to become a teacher for vocational schools, computer science can be chosen as a second subject to the study of vocational pedagogy in technology.

The teacher training program for Gymnasiums, Realschulen and Hauptschulen leads to the First State Examination. The final grade is composed of 40% module examinations and 60% grade of the first state examination. For the module examinations accompanying the course of study, a Bachelor’s degree can be obtained upon application.

The degree program for vocational schools, on the other hand, is a “classic” Bachelor’s-Master’s degree program in which the first state examination is not required. The subject Computer Science can be combined with the vocational subjects Electrical Engineering and Information Technology or Metal Technology. In the bachelor’s degree program in vocational education technology, the focus is initially placed on the chosen vocational subject and, if the combination subject of computer science is chosen, only begins with it. Intensive study of the combined subject of computer science then takes place in the master’s degree.

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