Computer Science / IT Security

Computer Science / IT Security (B.Sc.)

The computer science/IT security degree program imparts a broad range of knowledge and skills to design complex IT systems securely, respond to attacks and develop innovative solutions. Students learn programming and network technologies, algorithms, data structures and databases as well as the basics of cryptography and IT law.

What is the degree program about?

There is an enormous shortage of academically trained IT security specialists in Germany. At the same time, the need for secure information technology systems is growing. Recurring security problems of systems in use show that there is often a lack of effective measures to secure them.

This is where you come in as an expert for IT security! The part-time distance learning program provides in-depth knowledge in the field of IT security at the highest level and puts you in a position to ward off the many security threats to which IT systems can be exposed. With the part-time bachelor’s degree program in computer science/IT security, you will receive first-class research-oriented further qualifications for your individual career in IT security – and you can do this flexibly via distance learning alongside your job.

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