Business Studies

Business Studies (B.A.)

Business Administration, Economics, Information Systems, Business Education

The Bachelor’s degree program Business Studies offers you fields of study with perspective, including “Data Science and Business Intelligence”, “Sustainability”, “Digitalization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, “Marketing and Customer Insights”, etc. These are closely intertwined with the classic focus areas of Business Studies: Business Administration (BWL), Economics (VWL), Business Information Systems (WIN) and Business Education (WiPäd).

What is the degree program about?

The Bachelor’s degree program in Business Studies prepares students for careers in global and future-oriented sectors. The aim of the program is for students to acquire academic knowledge and learn specialist methods in the field of business studies that they are able to apply in practice. The Bachelor’s degree program at the School of Business, Economics and Society in Nuremberg has a strong international focus and offers one of the widest ranges of subjects of any such program in German-speaking countries.

This degree program is taught in German. Therefore, a good knowledge of German is an essential prerequisite to successfully completing the degree program. Proof of German language proficiency at DSH 2 level or equivalent is required for admission.

Do you need help or more information?

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