Business Management

Business Management (MBA)

Our working world is characterized by increasing acceleration and growing complexity. The competitive pressure on companies is growing, and the demands on managers and employees are continuously increasing. We would like to help you successfully master these challenges. Our MBA Business Management provides you with the necessary economic expertise, promotes the important leadership skills and builds up the relevant intercultural competence.

What is the degree program about?

The MBA program in Business Management for working professionals is a specially designed and carefully scheduled program that provides students with the training they need for demanding careers in the global market and enables them to develop their existing management skills.

The MBA program is aimed at general mangers who are able to process complex situations and make responsible decisions, even when under great pressure as a result of changes and budget constraints.

This professional development program provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical solutions for specific management tasks. It enables them to process and solve problems successfully in business practice using tried-and-tested academic instruments. Students also improve their judgement and their skills for critical reflection in the context of theory and professional practice, and learn how to consider issues as part of their wider context. This is achieved through a combination of demanding theoretical learning and collaborative practice-oriented work.

Do you need help or more information?

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