Biology (B.Sc.)

Biology explores the laws of life. DNA discovery and molecular exploration have provided insights into biochemistry, cell biology and environmental protection. Biology degrees qualify students for research, development and application in life sciences such as medicine, agriculture and forensics. If you are interested in modern biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics and can work independently, studying biology at FAU is ideal.

What is the degree program about?

Biology is the natural science that studies all the laws of life. While a few decades ago the focus was still on observing nature, the discovery of DNA and the breakdown of important metabolic processes gradually led to research into the molecular connections of life. In recent years, this has led to an enormous increase in knowledge in all areas of biology, from biochemistry to cell biology, basic research for medicine, agriculture, nutrition and environmental protection. Those who study biology today learn the techniques and interrelationships of a fascinating science whose new findings continue to influence our view of ourselves and of nature.

With a degree in biology, you’ll qualify for research, development and application in the life sciences – from developing new medicines to breeding more environmentally resistant plant varieties to forensic analysis. So if you enjoy the issues of modern biology, are not put off by minor subjects such as chemistry, physics and mathematics, and have the ability to work independently, then studying biology at FAU is just right for you.

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