As an international student, will I receive support when I start my studies?

The Central Office for International Affairs is well-versed when it comes to welcoming international students from all over the globe to our community. They are perfectly equipped with the expertise to help you get settled in and answer all your queries.

Look out for information on the special orientation courses for internationals. They are organised both by faculties and the RIA itself to provide help on specific topics.

We’ll help to keep you abreast of all the networking events and parties that are aimed at bringing people together.

Like our Facebook page for incoming internationals “FAU Volunteers for Internationals”. In their own words, you will be kept you updated on “mind blowing events and epic trips” among other things!

We’re also here to provide you with help concerning visa and insurance issues.

Where can I learn German?

Free German courses

We provide you with free German classes alongside your regular studies to get you up to speed. Find out more about placement tests and German courses.

You have no or little prior knowledge of German? Contact our Sprachenzentrum to find out about other means of learning German quickly and efficiently.

Which degree programs can I study at the FAU?

First things first. Do you want to attend a full-time program or a short semester stay? Undergraduate or postgraduate? We have a selection of postgraduate programes that are taught exclusively in English.

Undergraduate programs, and the remaining postgraduate programs, will be taught predominantly or entirely in German. That is why we help you acquire the requisite language skills (you will need to already possess A2-level language skills at minimum) in the offers outlined further below.

In Germany, undergraduate programs are the equivalent of Bachelor programs, while postgraduate programs are equivalent to Masters and Doctors’ programes.

How can I plan and manage my entry to the jobs market?

The Career Service can support you in planning and managing your career with a wide variety of professional cross-faculty events and counseling.

FAU Career Service

What are my career prospects in the region?

The FAU campuses are located in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, one of the most vibrant and economically dynamic regions in Germany. Contributing to this environment are major global businesses such as Siemens, Audi, adidas and Schaeffler, while innovative start-ups offer young academics the best opportunities for a successful future. And this trend is continuing. According to the Brookings Institute in the USA, the region exhibits the highest rate of economic growth among the more populous regions in Germany.

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

How can I find accommodation?

Information and tips about student accommodation and the private housing market

How can I finance my studies?

All you need to know about BAföG, part-time jobs, scholarships

How much does it cost to study at FAU? And why you can study in Bavaria for free.

Apart from a small number of exceptions, FAU does not have tuition fees. All students just have to pay the semester fee for Student Services per semester. It is difficult to provide an answer to the question of what other costs can arise in connection with studying at university. The circumstances and needs of each individual are too varied. Further information about potential monthly costs of studying and various funding options is available here.

Scholarships, BAföG, part-time jobs – We can support you with making your studies possible.

Where can I learn a new language?

At the FAU Language Centre, students can attend language courses in more than two dozen languages – free of charge and geared toward the right proficiency.

FAU Language Centre

How can I make a difference at FAU?

University policy-making, mentor program, University sports etc.